Is an investment shortcut the way to a quick profit?

21st September 2018

In this week’s column, financial expert Peter Sharkey discusses how investors might be able to

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Pensions: Why forecasts suggest millennials should invest

14th September 2018

Following an extended summer break, Peter Sharkey returns with his popular personal finance column –

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Last call for entries as deadline looms for Huntingdonshire Business Awards

06th September 2018

Have you put in your nominations for the Hunts Post Huntingdonshire Business Awards 2018? If

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How parental advice turned into a unique online platform

31st August 2018

What began as an understandable parental warning has developed into a unique online platform scheduled

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Still time to get your entries in for Hunts Post Business Awards

22nd August 2018

Have you put in your nominations for The Hunts Post Huntingdonshire Business Awards 2018? If

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Owner of new craft shop hopes move will help business to keep growing

22nd August 2018

A new family-owned craft shop opened its doors on Friday in Huntingdon’s St Benedict’s Court.

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Philpott forced out at Fenland Association for Community Transport three days after facing outcome of £170,000 county council report

03rd August 2018

Manager Jo Philpott – fresh from a barrage of criticism over her running of Cambridgeshire’s

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‘This is out of our control’: Ryanair blames ‘unjustified’ disruption at Stansted Airport on storms and staff shortages

31st July 2018

Ryanair has ‘sincerely’ apologised for today’s disruption to more than 150 flights serving Stansted Airport.

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The racing partnership that is keeping business firmly in the fast lane

13th July 2018

A Sawtry firm which supplies parts to a Formula One racing team was keeping a

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Award winners looking forward to a record-breaking year

09th July 2018

The winner of the Innovation of the Year award winner is expecting 2018 to be

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